Urho Tuominen started in the electric industry as a delivery man in 1907. After failing to get a requested payraise in 1919 he decided to start his own company called ”Porin sähkö- ja telefooniliike Urho Tuominen” which name would later be changed to UTU.

The road wasn´t smooth always, resession and war slowed down the growth of the company.

  • In 1960 the company got ”electric wholesale rights”

  • In 1980 the company started co-operation with international suppliers by import of products, which is still a part of UTU business model today.

  • In 1990 UTU expanded to Baltics by establishing a daughter company.

  • The electrical wholesalebusiness was divested in 2002.

  • In 2007 UTU acquired Hager's daughter companies in the Baltics, which are still an active part of UTU's business.

  • In 2016 UTU Automation Oy was founded. UTU Automation focus on automation products and solutions.

  • Most recent acquisition was Hager's daughter company in Norway in 2019 which formed the base of UTU Norway AS. 

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