We are ethical

Sustainability is the key aspect of our products and way of working and thinking. We take care of our employees and their development. High level of integrity is self evident for us.


We think global and act local

We believe in strong business ownership – we standardize only when it adds value, but we learn across countries and businesses. We are agile and systematic at the same time – this creates our competitive position against global and local competitors.


HSE and quality politics

We pride ourselves in providing a comprehensive and high-quality selection of products and services. In addition, safe and sustainable solutions enable the development of environment and safety activities. On top of customer satisfaction, dedication of the staff is important and enables long term development. UTU Oy has committed to continuous improvement and we obey by standards of ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 which are part of our leading system. Staff is our most important resource and everyone has committed to following our values.

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