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iX HMI Teollisuus

The slim, modern design of our industrial panels is consistent, practical and user-friendly. Ranging from 21-inch industrial PCs to ultra-compact 4-inch panels, all models have high performance CPUs and the latest screen technology.

Keskikokoiset tai suuret sovellukset
Keskikokoiset tai suuret sovellukset iX TxB series
iX TxB operator panels are the perfect choice for mid-range applications that handle large volumes of data and utilize complex functionality. Display sizes 7, 12 and 15 inches.
Pienet tai keskikokoiset sovellukset
Pienet tai keskikokoiset sovellukset iX TxA series
iX TxA operator panels deliver a graphic iX interface and solid functionality to small size HMIs. Display sizes 4, 7 and 10 inches.